Current as of 2024

Privacy Policy

Discover our commitment to protecting your privacy with our comprehensive privacy policy. Learn how we safeguard your personal information and ensure transparency in data usage practices.

We understand that you, the Property Management Company (PM)care about how your owner, guest and company information is used.  The RNS Privacy Notice describes what and howinformation is collected and distributed through the RNS program, and websitesand passed to ancillary service companies.

UsingRNS and its services constitutes consent to the practices described in thisPrivacy Notice.

Thisnotice provides information on the following:

•         Personal information collected and storedabout owners

•         Personal information collected and storedabout guests

•         Cookies on websites

•         Sharing of information

•         Security of information

•         Advertising

Personalinformation collected and stored about owners.

The RNS program allows the PM toinput and store common information about owners, including, but not limited to;name, address, phone numbers, rental income and rental expense information, andSocial Security numbers.  The SocialSecurity numbers are encrypted, protected and used only for creating IRS form1099s.  Access to Social Security numbersis only granted to the system administrator. Credit card information is gathered over secure SSL encryption andpassed directly to the processor.  RNSdoes not store credit card information and uses tokenization to identify thecredit card when making payment requests.

Personalinformation collected and stored about guests.

The RNS program allows the PM toinput and store common information about guests, including, but not limited to;name, address and phone numbers.  The RNSweb pages and Application Program Interface (API) also gather the sameinformation provided directly by the web page user.  Credit card information is gathered oversecure SSL encryption and passed directly to the processor.  RNS does not store credit card informationand uses tokenization to identify the credit card when making payment requests.

Cookieson websites

Cookies are used in the RNS webpages to retain session information only as the web pages are used.  This session data connects the pageinformation while moving through the website. No personal information or IP tracking is used or stored.


Sharing of information

RNS does not share anyinformation contained in the RNS program. The Application Program Interface (API) can provide certain informationabout the PM, its owners and its guests to ancillary services.  RNS will, from time to time access the PM’sdata for the purpose of testing, providing help or assistance to the PM forquestions with transactions, or other issues. PM acknowledges that RNS mayelect or be required to transmit such information to third parties in order tofacilitate provision of RNS services. RNS will take all reasonable steps toensure that data from PM is only used for its intended purpose, but PMunderstands that third-party service providers may utilize different dataretention policies, and RNS is not responsible for how third-parties maydisseminate PM data.

Security of information

RNS servers are maintained in a Tier 3 rated facility toassure an average availability of 99.982% as set forth in standards set by theGlobal Data Center Authority Uptime Institute.

•         Fail-over N+1 and backup systems are usedand required in Tier 3 facilities.

•         Access by authorized personnel is achievedthrough 3 separately managed security access points.

•         Firewalls are implemented to lockdownports and services with advanced services to prevent intrusions, port scans,viruses, etc.

•         Public web traffic is segmented intonetworking subnets which isolates core services.

•         Sensitive data is encrypted in databases.

•         No credit card data is stored.  A tokenized method is used with theprocessor.

•         User passwords are prompted for changeevery 40 days via Active Directory.

•         Applications require username and passwordaccess and require changes every 40 days.

•         Annual 3rd party port scans areperformed on the application hosted environment.

•         SSL/TLS compliance for all services areverified annually.


RNS does not use the PM’sinformation for any form of advertising without their written consent.