Management Features

Effortlessly manage work orders, housekeeping, travel insurance, long-term management, and reporting all in one solution
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Work Orders

Create, process, and close work orders quickly and efficiently. Work orders are automatically assigned by unit and priority. The RNS VR software takes the work out of work orders.

Efficient creation and assignment

The Work Order module within the RNS application streamlines the creation and assignment of maintenance tasks. Each work order is automatically assigned a unique number and priority level, enhancing organization and prioritization.

Comprehensive management and tracking

Track the progress of work orders effortlessly within the RNS application. Monitor work orders by unit, vendor, or group, and easily input essential details such as task descriptions, assigned personnel, and vendor information. Stay updated on the status of each task from assignment to completion, ensuring seamless workflow management.


Our software's Housekeeping Module empowers staff to efficiently coordinate and schedule cleanings and inspections, while offering intuitive task management and insightful reporting capabilities.
Coordinate and schedule cleanings and inspections seamlessly
View and manage tasks assigned to reservations or manually entered
Instantly track cleaning status with color-coded indicators on Unit Status and Housekeeping forms

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