If you are not compiling, organizing, and creating remarketing campaigns for prospective guest leads, you need to be.

The RNS Vacation Rental Software can help make that job a little less daunting.

These important inquires come to your rental company in the form of phone calls, direct emails, third party travel site responses, and also the occasional office walk-in. Writing down their names on a sticky notes or filing it away on an excel spreadsheet no one will see in a couple months, is a start, but let’s see how RNS can help you utilize these leads and generate more bookings.

Lead Management System for Vacation Rental Companies


In the RNS software leads are given a contact profile. It contains all their personal information plus the ability to add special notes and tidbits (like if this lead is deathly allergic to cats, or has small children). The more you know about your leads and customers the better and more personal your marketing will be.

If you have a list of old leads you can import that spreadsheet right into the RNS system and the program will do the rest for you. If you are using third party travel sites to market your rentals, those inquiries are automatically uploaded in your RNS contact database. And if you do get those walk-ins, the reservationist can simply manually add a single contact whenever needed.


The RNS program lets you search for contacts via the unit they were interested in, the state they are originally from, the type of medium they used to contact your vacation rental company in the first place, etc. RNS wants you to be able to a build a connection and make a booking.


Send your leads custom tailored emails right from the RNS program. Easily save and reuse any email template. If you prefer to use a specific email automation software, simply just export your segmented contact lists into your preferred program.


Online Travel Site Leads

These inquires are collected from marketing your properties on distribution sites like HomeAway, FlipKey, VRBO, booking.com, etc. View More

Instant Bookings

If the online travel site allows instant bookings, guests can book right then and all their reservation and contact information is transmitted back to your RNS software.

Auto Inquiry Response

If the booking site does not have instant booking, your leads will receive an instant automated email that confirms the units availability and directs them back to your company’s website’s booking pages. Your new guest can book, sign rental agreements, and pay securely from your personal vacation rental website. Read More about RNS’ auto Inquiry