Management Features designed specifically for the Property Management Team.

RNS Vacation Rental Management Features help Property Managers handle Work orders, House keeping, Travel Insurance, Long-term Management and Reporting. The necessity of work order automation, housekeeping scheduling, and integrated travel insurance options are all vital necessities to a vacation rental management company. The ability to manage your long-term rentals and your short-term rentals in one comprehensive program is unparalleled by any other software company out there. RNS Management Features help ease the workload property managers face daily.

Work Orders

Create, process, and close work orders quickly and efficiently. Orders are automatically assigned by unit and priority. The RNS Software takes the work out of work orders.

House Keeping

The housekeeping staff can now connect, coordinate, and stay on schedule. Properties are color coded by priority and cleaning status for great usability. Stay clean and organized with RNS.

Long Term Rentals

Property Managers can now manage long term and short stay rentals in one program. Skip the second system software, save money and headaches with one RNS program.

Travel Insurance

Include travel insurance options for your guests and property management company. Choose your insurer from one of RNS’ partnered agencies. Protect your company by protecting your guests.

Analytics & Reports

300+ reports to help you manage your vacation rental company more successfully. Mix and match properties to fit your needs. View a short list of reports types here.