Online Bookings with RNS give you all the flexibility and cutomization you need to make your website a standout among your competition.

Drive more bookings with RNS’s responsive websites or utilize the RNS REST API to design your webpage. Either way, RNS has the tools to help you drive more bookings.

Responsive Website Templates

Our Responsive websites are optimized for any internet ready device. From desktop to mobile phone, laptop to tablet; Guests are able to navigate through the entire booking process with ease.

The RNS web system syncs all your property data and displays it on your site: pictures, calendars, rates, amenities, and descriptions. Guests can search, book and complete their reservations online with secure payment processing and electronic rental terms & agreements approval.

Each one of our user’s sites are tailored to fit their unique business objectives. Customized color schemes, viewing displays, check out options etc. give them the competitive advantage over their peers. With RNS, you have the final say. Stand apart from the rest.


The RNS open sourced API, lets you design an entirely customized website that fits your company’s needs as well as being fully integrated to the RNS software.

The RNS API permits access to all of your software data through a secure online connection. Your website will display, process and function exactly how you want it to.

Build a responsive site, set up strategic SEO, create specific search filters, display features, or booking flows. Because with the open flexibility of this API you are in full control.

Use your favorite web designer or choose a company already partnered with RNS for a quick seamless development.If you are looking to build your dream website or even if you just redesigned, we have a solution for you.