Create, Process and Close orders with just a few clicks.

Mobile ready time saving management tools. Start, manage, close, and pay work orders & housekeeping tasks easily. Use on the go with your mobile device.

Work Orders

Inspector-Website The Work Order module is an extension of the RNS application that allows you to create, process, and close work/maintenance orders for each unit. Each work order is automatically assigned a work-order number, attached to a unit and given a priority. Increase your efficiency with RNS Software

View your Work Orders by Unit, Vendor, or Group. Enter information such as: a description; the name of the person taking the call; vendor given the work order to complete and instructions for the vendor.You can also mark when the work order was given to the vendor and when the work is completed. When the work order is ready to be closed you can charge inventory, create an invoice, charge labor, charge an owner or not charge at all. Charge your mark ups as a percentage or dollar value.


The RNS Housekeeping Module provides the housekeeping staff the ability to coordinate and schedule cleanings and inspections as well as run reports.

The housekeeping screen allows you to view any cleanings (tasks) that were set up on a reservation’s cleaning tab or any tasks that were entered manually from the Housekeeping screen. The Unit Status and the Housekeeping form will both show a color that indicates the cleaning status.